Etchings: The Eagle has not landed on this golf course

Leave it to Donald Trump’s supporters to pick up on his conspiracy theory ravings after his Scotland golf course, located in Turnberry, was paid a visit by four lights.

Newsweek scraped up the barnacle of news and was quick to tie it together with the 45th President of the United States’ Space Force ploy.

The photo, posted to, asked what was in a photo with four saucer-shaped lights. One intrepid soul, Laurene Craig, bogeyed the claim by commenting, “Reflections of indoor lighting fixtures?”

Clearly, the eagle has not landed on that par 5.

Shaky UFO video bounced by Goodyear

The Goodyear Blimp team has confirmed that a North Carolina man’s shaky video of a UFO back in May is NSF.

The famous dirigible was on route to the annual Monster Energy NASCAR Coca-Cola Series when it was caught in the crosshairs of the hapless witness.

Unfortunately, diazepam was not at the ready for Jason Swing as he couldn’t quite keep the alleged UFO in frame long enough to get a clear picture.

Still, the video went viral, only to be brought down, a la Hindenburg, in August by the Goodyear Blimp social media team.

Maybe next time the gentleman can keep the camera steady so he can get a better look.

Trespassers will be exorcised

Three Sioux City, Iowa men were charged with breaking and entering after they shimmied their way into the KSCJ Transmitter Building.

Police identified the bored threesome with the help of the public after CCTV cameras caught them wandering through the location sporting firearms.

The trio, ranged 18 to 23-years in age, were fined $200 each after their hearing in mid-August. Their excuse? They were investigating paranormal activity.

There is no extensive record that the building is haunted. Most of the popular haunts in Sioux City are the Municipal Auditorium, KD Station and Dimmitt Hall at Morningside College.

The firearms in question were airsoft and BB guns, which come in handy if they should happen to be attacked by surly squirrels and sparrows. However, holy water in super soakers might have been more appropriate.

NASCAR driver gets a helping hand from the grave

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was candid when doing his Dale Junior Download podcast in August, especially when a fan asked if he believed in the supernatural.

After a Freudian slip – where he referred to paranormal activity as paranoia activity – he revealed that a ghost pulled him from his car during the 2004 Le Mans Series race in Sonoma, Calif.

Earnhardt had suffered burns to his chin and legs after his Corvette caught fire. It was reported that he had left the car on his own volition, but he responded, “Bullshit”.

Also bullshit? Bigfoot. Earnhardt doesn’t believe that big ado.

This ghost comes and goes

Coventry Live posted a story in late August about a different kind of bumping in the night.

It seems the zeitgeist in U.K. hauntings these days is sexually-active ghosts. There was the Bristol woman who went on Australian TV admitting she was impregnated by a ghost’s nocturnal emissions.

Now, a woman on a maternal web forum, Mumsnet, divulged she has a spunking ghost. During the night her husband heard the door to their room open and close.

When he investigated, he stepped in a warm, wet mass, and further into his investigation noticed their son and their dog were both asleep.

Many posters took the comical post in stride, offering more practical explanations, like an interloper of another species – a fox – or a sleepwalking child.

Seems the mum was a little premature in her assessment of the situation.

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