Review: Immaculate crucifies role of organized religion in reproductive rights

Immaculate Director: Michael Mohan Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Álvaro Morte and Benedetta Porcaroli Neon 4/5 Place organized religion under the microscope and people clutch their pearls. It’s fascinating to observe, especially for someone who is an agnostic, but, as the religious right tries to make inroads into political office, thus altering […]

Ghosts, TV

‘Paranormal Revenge’ dishes out true crime chills

True crime is the special sauce in a serving of CTV Sci-Fi’s “Paranormal Revenge”. And given that the subject matter is about ghosts, the dish is best served in cold spots. Sphere Media producer Robin Bicknell, who has previously worked on “Haunted Hospitals” and “Paranormal 911”, admitted that the show […]

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Review: Avi Loeb’s Extraterrestrial is required reading for his follow-up, Interstellar

Knowing that there is intelligent life beyond our planet should be the impetus to better ourselves. That’s the message Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard, Avi Loeb, wants you to take away from his experience with interstellar object, ‘Oumuamua. His second book, Interstellar: The Search for Extraterrestrial […]