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Organizers hope Contact and Disclosure Symposium becomes annual event

Four members of the Ontario UFO community came together to uncover why Canada, and Toronto specifically, doesn’t have a UAP-related conference. Their summation was “WTF?” Hypnotherapist and New York State ex-pat, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, experiencer and Contact TV co-host Wes Roberts, director of Sasquatch Ontario, Mike Paterson and film producer Greg […]


Review: Immaculate crucifies role of organized religion in reproductive rights

Immaculate Director: Michael Mohan Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Álvaro Morte and Benedetta Porcaroli Neon 4/5 Place organized religion under the microscope and people clutch their pearls. It’s fascinating to observe, especially for someone who is an agnostic, but, as the religious right tries to make inroads into political office, thus altering […]


B.C. investigator teams up with California podcaster for Ogopogo doc

Conservation is key when looking for any cryptid, whether it’s Ogopogo or Sasquatch. That’s been the key takeaway cryptozoology documentarian and podcaster Eli Watson has taken from his explorations, including his most recent investigation of Okanagan Lake with British Columbian investigator Jason Hewlett. “I’ve become much more of a conservationist […]