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There are challenges in collaborating with the ufology community

Editor’s note: Be sure to read parts 1 2 and 3 before reading the following. Future investigative pieces will be featured in a new column. My investigation on the truth behind Ufology will continue in my book TESA, The Other Guys, and The Fight For Change.

A full TESA year has wrapped. Since I wrote my column, “Moving on with TESA”, I have released two official reports displaying the data that has been collected with the help of experiencers.

This first report is titled the Canadian Current Event Survey 2019 and presents all reported events submitted to Transport Canada in 2019 that included keywords like Drone, Unmanned UAV, or UFO.

The document broke down sightings and highlighted a few variables, one of which lead me to an Unclassified CIRVIS document from the Royal Canadian Air Force. The RCAF confirmed the investigation of an Unidentified Flying Object on Jan. 6. A copy of the document can be found here.

The second report High Strangeness Paranormal Database Report 2019 and it presents all the reported events submitted to The Experiencer Support Association (TESA) for investigation.

2019 High Strangeness Paranormal Database Report

The document broke down cases of high strangeness and checked for any anomalous trends. TESA released its findings and shared its continued collaborative work with other research organizations.

Last year, I was able to attend the 2019 Alien Cosmic Expo (ACE), despite feeling unwelcomed, and it was rewarding. I even had the opportunity to talk shop with UFO historian Richard Dolan about the Alien Autopsy, and the Unclassified UFO report I received earlier in the year. You can find a short video of this event here.

Shortly after, Marc St. Germain left ufology altogether to pursue a professional career as a geologist. In his stead, David Palachik was promoted to the new National Director of MUFON Canada.

Jason Carignan, the field Investigator I trained last before leaving MUFON Canada has excelled, leaving a positive footprint in my absence. I could not have asked for a better person to have taken over my role as National Chief Investigator. You can find his page and follow his work here.

Reaching out

A university student named Yann Vadnais contacted me and expressed interest in my investigative work. Vadnais, currently studying Ancient and Classical Studies at a university in Montreal, offered his expertise as a publisher to bring my two reports up to academic standards.

I entertained the idea and engaged him in a conversation. I learned he was a self-publisher under Garpan Editions but had many connections with scholars and professors in the ufology community.

Vadnais, an active UFO enthusiast, mentioned that he had read my previous three articles. We shared our war stories and I sensed a concerning vibe from him.

Vadnais mentioned he was writing a publication to be released sometime this year, and he asked me to add to it before publication. I agreed to read the finished work. I did welcome him to reference the past three articles if he needed source material.

I suspected he was only friending me to get more information for his personal publication.

This was later confirmed when he mentioned that one of his professional connections was Chris Rutkowski, and wanted to discuss my analysis of Rutkowski’s work.

I had explained to Vadnais that I have yet to hear from Rutkowski and that my analysis would not change until then. It was at this point Vadnais had offered to mediate between us, and I accepted.

As any editor would do, he began to dissect my articles, while providing his opinion and projections. He did make a fair effort to explain Rutkowski’s situation.

We both agreed that Rutkowski is a victim of poor co-operation from UFO reporting groups within Canada.

I learned that Vadnais had also submitted reports to Rutkowski’s survey under his UFO research group GARPAN.

From here, we discussed setting the example for other UFO reporting groups to aid Rutkowski in his reporting. Vadnais advocated Rutkowski to allow TESA to be a part of the 2019 Canadian UFO Report.

And it was a great success.

Unfortunately, differences of opinion have set us on divergent paths, and it is disappointing because we were collaborating on a ufology summit.

I plan on discussing the challenges within the ufology community in a book set for publication in 2021.

Back to the report

2019 Canadian Current Event Survey

The 2019 Canadian UFO Report used our data, which is a success for our goal of collaborative efforts within the community.

I confirmed that TESA’s reports were published with the report and if they were exactly as I presented. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my work was curated verbatim.

I had set plans to review the report in great detail, since this was also the first report since my column published in July of last year.

And after reviewing it, I found nothing wrong with it.

After all these years, rattling the cage, the report is accurate.

Rutkowski, although he has yet to talk to me personally on the subject, has accepted my suggestion by announcing the groups involved in the report.

Mission accomplished.

My name is Ryan Stacey, I am a citizen journalist, private investigator and UFO/Paranormal Investigator. I study people, and it is through them, that I learn more about UFO/Paranormal phenomena than I ever have studying over 1000 cases of flying objects in the sky.

This story will continue in my book “TESA, The Other Guys and The Fight For Change” Click the link below to follow me, and be notified when it is out.

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