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The Canadian UFO Report, Part 3: Moving on with TESA

Author’s Note: It is suggested you read Parts 1 and 2 before continuing. The following is an update of TESA’s continued evolution this year. Additionally, it’s the final interaction between TESA’s Ryan Stacey and ufologist Chris Rutkowski.

We continue to encourage Chris Rutkowski to contact Superstitious Times to present his work.

April 20, 2017

I started The Canadian Current Event Survey — MUFON Canada’s UFO Survey Report 2017.

November 2017

Rutkowski did not release his 2017 survey as he has done in November for almost every year prior to 2016.

Jan. 1, 2018

I started the MUFON Canada UFO Report for 2018

June 1, 2018

The 2017 document was finalized and reviewed by MUFON Canada.

June 19, 2018

The document was finalized and released to the public and emailed directly to Rutkowski with the request of using this information for his 2017 UFO Report. No response was received. (EXHIBIT H)

July 8, 2018

Rutkowski releases his 2017 UFO Report and Essay. There does not appear to be any more credit as per usual to MUFON and the other organizations that have data compiled in Rutkowski’s report. (EXHIBIT I)

There does not appear to be any reference to MUFON Canada’s UFO Report for 2017.

I challenged this, however, and the National Director of MUFON Canada at this time asked me to let this go and focus on MUFON Canada. I had a hard time with that, but agreed and continued surveying our own data.

Jan. 1, 2019

I started the MUFON Canada UFO Report for 2019 and finalized the MUFON Canada UFO report for 2018.

I also released my paranormal counterpart’s website The Experiencer Support Association (TESA) which is where I have been storing the MUFON Canada Survey Reports online.

Feb. 1

Within MUFON Canada, our National Director Stu Bundy had stepped down and became a Senior Advisor. Marc St. Germain was appointed the new National Director, and I was promoted to the National Chief Investigator.

A few days after that I was encouraged by St. Germain to continue pushing Rutkowski to speak publicly on the inconsistencies of his UFO Survey.

Bundy, now being an advisor, did strongly advise both of us not to continue. However, St. Germain decided that he was tired of seeing Rutkowski’s survey every year.

I had called St. Germain and discussed if we were to go public with this, it could potentially ruin Rutkowski’s reputation.

With St. Germain. being the new person in charge, and eager to show MUFON Canada is the best, I was in a position in which I had to comply, however instead of releasing the article all at once, as St. Germain originally intended, it was my idea (with consideration from my trusted associates) to release it slowly to give Rutkowski enough time to respond.

March 1

I downloaded the 2017 Canadian UFO Report from Rutkowski’s website, as well as the essay.


  • By now, it is assumed that Rutkowski delayed the release of his survey in order to see if I would follow through with the delivery of the MUFON Canada UFO Survey Report.
  • Rutkowski and his team had less than 30 days to edit the material from his survey to reflect the same from MUFON Canada.
  • I had posted advertisements directly on groups that I know he follows, and I have seen him tagged to comment.
  • No response has ever been seen by myself, and Rutkowski has yet to respond to any of my emails.
  • I am certain that Rutkowski was given all benefit of the doubt and expected him not to reply, however at the least, I did anticipate him making sure his 2017 reflected 100 percent of the data provided to him on June 19, 2017.

March 3

The Canadian UFO Survey for 2017 was dissected and reviewed in the same manner as I did for the report in 2016.

As a result I learned the following:

  • Out of 416 listed reported MUFON Cases only 386 cases were confirmed to be inside the MUFON Canada database. The error margin is 7 percent
  • 35 cases were missed (even though they were included in the MUFON Canada 2017 UFO Report)
  • 13 of these cases were duplicates.
  • 19 of these cases had no record found in our database.

The MUFON Canada 2017 UFO report reported 438 cases for 2017. Given that 386 cases were confirmed to have been reported in the Canadian UFO Report, and 35 had been missed, it gives us the new number 421.

If I were to give another benefit of the doubt and say that the reason I can’t find 19 of these cases in Rutkowski’s report is that the dates entered are wrong, then we have 438 cases with 2 cases remaining as belonging to someone else, or perhaps made up altogether.

No matter how we crack this, the data doesn’t match, and the math is wrong.

It is also reminded that the Essay for the 2017 Canadian UFO Survey shows changed and altered data from 2016 as displayed in (EXHIBIT F)

March 8

Part 1 Posted online on Superstitious Times.

March 9

Posted article to MUFON Canada Facebook. Part 2 of this report was released and announced on the Superstitious Times’ Facebook page.

March 11

Jordan Bonaparte joins the conversation defending Rutkowksi by attacking me personally on a Facebook post sharing Part 2 (EXHIBIT K) (EXHIBIT L)

During the public conversation, I learned Bonaparte has fully supported Rutkowski’s work. (EXHIBIT M)

Bonaparte claimed he was not associated with Rutkowski. I continued to ask, as a fellow independent journalist if it was acceptable to have and use a survey with inaccurate information. (EXHIBIT N) (EXHIBIT O)

I was left with more personal attacks, and deflections. No answers.

A Google search using the key phrase “Jordan Bonaparte and Chris Rutkowski” shows an immediate list of items the two of them have worked on together. (EXHIBIT P)

Including an exclusive podcast supporting the Canadian UFO Survey. (EXHIBIT Q)

March 12

Rutkowski makes his first public post about his 2018 UFO Survey, on which I posted the direct link to Part 2 of this series. (EXHIBIT R)

The Facebook Group MUFON GLOBAL posted an article from CTV National News showcasing the UFO Survey by Rutkowski. As directed by National Director of MUFON Canada, Marc St. Germain, I posted a link to part 2 of these articles. (EXHIBIT S)

Germain had instructed me to do the same every time that article came up.

April 23

The Superstitious Times reposted Part 2 of this series only this time requesting Rutkowski to comment. He was directly tagged and within minutes he publicly responded “I see. So Ryan recorded a conversation without my knowledge.” (EXHIBIT T)

Well, we must go back to Part 2 of this series, where Rutkowski said himself that he was keeping the conversation for his own records.

Even if he didn’t, here in Canada, we have what is called the “One Party Consent Rule” in which only one person involved in the conversation must provide consent to share.

If I shared a private conversation in which I was not a party, then we would have a different situation on our hands. The same rule is used by all journalists, police, lawyers, and even private investigators.

May 9

Word had made it’s way up to MUFON HQ, and Rutkowski, with help from Bonaparte, put pressure on removing me from the MUFON organization.

I was made aware of each complaint as they came in, however, I did not take part in the discussions between Bundy, St. Germain, and Jan Harzan, on what to do about it.

When it came to discussing matters with me, the leading concern was about public image and maintaining the relationships with CTV, Bonaparte’s podcasts and his connection with Global News.

I brought up the point that this public series was initiated and encouraged by St. Germain, however, his opinions quickly changed when he realized he could have a larger audience to sell his MUFON Canada membership and merchandise to.

That day, I resigned as Provincial Director for Ontario, therefore surrendering my responsibilities to promote the organization of MUFON.

To soften the blow, I brought up how passionate I am about TESA and how I feel that our philosophy on the subject was different.

May 25

Since Episode 23 of UCF, I had received a phone call from St. Germain, requesting me to resign from the organization. I declined. I had no reason to resign and hadn’t done anything wrong according to the State Director or Field Investigator Manuals.

I said if I have done something wrong then fire me, and publicly explain yourself.

After an hour of him pressing me, and me not budging, St. Germain hung up the phone.

I returned to my office 30 minutes later, check my email, only to discover that I have been removed from the organization with no explanation.

I had been blocked from the MUFON Canada facebook group as well as the MUFON Quebec Facebook pages. I was also locked out of my email account [email protected].

My name was removed from the MUFON Canada Website and all videos I participated in on the MUFON Canada Youtube page were deleted.

A few days later I received communication from other MUFON Canada FI’s telling me that no answer or reason was given and the next volume of the MUFON Canada Newsletter was released with two featured cases and my MUFON Canada UFO Survey for 2018. These items were known among the fellow FI’s as cases I have personally completed, however, the editor placed another FI under the name section.

I trust my sources, but have not personally seen the newsletter.

May 26

I received a call telling me that Alien Cosmic Expo is a MUFON Canada Event, and I am no longer speaking, or welcome to attend.

May 27

I announced publicly that TESA will now investigate UFOs as well as all other Paranormal Encounters.

May 28 to June 26

I hit the grind and reformatted TESA with a fully cleaned canvas with zero restrictions or corporate boundaries.

June 27

In Penetanguishene, Ont., I promoted Mike Elzinga to Detachment Director for TESA and together we placed the first cornerstone for UFO/Paranormal Hybrid Discussion Meetings.

Photo courtesy Ryan Stacey/TESA
Photo courtesy Ryan Stacey/TESA

July 7

I have carefully reviewed the material presented above and believe that Rutkowski should be held accountable for at least an explanation. I by no means am in any position to accuse Rutkowski of massaging or purposely altering data, however, the evidence heavily suggests that the survey needs to be reviewed and re-assessed.

It is reminded that Rutkowski represents a team, but takes full responsibility for the survey as he conducts the final pass.

I encourage all to review this data, and comment it for yourself.

It is my professional opinion that The Canadian UFO Survey is an inaccurate reflection of UFO data across Canada, and I request all reporting agencies outside of MUFON to fact check your own data against this report as I have.

I am available at any time, to discuss these concerns publicly, on air. This is my side of the story based on the evidence as it was presented to me. Rutkowski deserves the right to respond and defend himself and his team.

Do not pass judgment until you hear his side.

The intent of this report is to stop him from hiding and explain the reason I am seeing what I am seeing. I am not judging the man or his work, simply asking for clarification. I can’t seem to understand why someone who is as reputable and well known in the UFO community would provide inaccurate information. I only want clarification.

Approximately 95 percent of the cases listed in Rutkowski’s report have been identified, which is not indicated anywhere in his survey. His survey implies that all those reported are unexplained, thus providing misleading information.

If you want a true and accurate reflection of UFO sightings reported within Canada, please contact me directly and I will provide you with the MUFON Canada report.

I suggest you all request the same from NUFORC, PSICAN and all the other reporting agencies that do great work in UFOlogy and paranormal.

As promised, all Exhibits mentioned in all three articles now have a clickable link to the evidence supporting this analysis.

In Closing

The survey will continue under an umbrella named “The Canadian Current Event Survey” (CCES) which will include data sets from TESA‘s High Strangeness Paranormal Database.

A special thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far. I wish Marc St. Germain the best of luck with the future of MUFON Canada.

I will be at ACE this year.


Please share your comments below, I am interested in knowing what conclusions you come up with when presented the same evidence as well as your thoughts on how the end of MUFON might be connected or tied with Rutkowski.

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