UFO investigator stresses importance of primary sources, collaboration with release of 2020 survey

UFO investigator Ryan Stacey’s greatest concern for the 2020 Canadian Current Event Survey was the heightened amount of misinformation, disinformation and confirmation biases surrounding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in Canada.

Ryan Stacey released his annual report of CADORS
reports for 2020 in May 2021.

Other organizations compile data from various sources, and Stacey’s hope is that everyone from MUFON and independent researchers can bring all the data together to find trends and answers to what is being witnessed in the sky above Canada.

“Everyone else combs through the (CADORS) reports and cherry-picks whatever they need to write the story,” the Penetanguishene, Ont. native said, during a July phone conversation. “But for me, I’m grabbing anything that says drone or unmanned aerial vehicle or remotely piloted air system or UFO.”

Released in concert with Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) reports on May 2021, by The Experiencer Support Association (TESA), the 2020 Canadian Current Event Survey (CCES) covers all instances of drones, Unmanned Aerial Phenomenon and UFOs for that calendar year.

It introduces the reader to all the data in tabular and then breaks it down into different categories, including the estimated height of the object witnessed. There are also comparisons to the previous year’s data.

Ontario led the way with 44 reports, while British Columbia and Quebec rounded out the Top 3 with 24 and 16 reports.

Stacey also dove deeper into five events that caught his interest including a North Star Air pilot’s experience on July 24, 2020, over Thunder Bay, Ont. and another pilot’s sighting of a shiny object over Kitchener, Ont. on August 22, 2020.

“It’s important in the field to let the experiencer decide for themselves what it is what they want,” Stacey said.

From Jan. 1, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2020, Transport Canada had received a total of 105 reports involving what was interpreted as drones, UAVs or UFOs. The eyewitness reports were down 41% from 2019.

Stacey said that he hopes the report will reach the Canadian pilots who witnessed the events reported to Transport Canada and will encourage them to contact The Experiencer Support Association.

“I cannot emphasize how important it is to work with the original witnesses to ensure that the evidence is presented in these reports is the best evidence available,” he wrote in the report’s concluding statement.

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