Toronto experiences close encounters of the contact and disclosure kind

Emily McCaughey had an out-of-this-world experience attending the first annual Contact and Disclosure Symposium.

The Toronto Metropolitan University student admitted that she learned so much from volunteering at the event on April 20, as she held the microphone for guests as they asked speakers questions at the Offworld Bar.

“Even while (Wes Roberts) was talking there were so many conversations,” she said, as she stood beside her great uncle, and event co-organizer, Wes Roberts on the outdoor patio on a chilly Saturday afternoon. “Even when I was walking around with the microphone people were like, ‘me, me’. I think a lot of people asked you the most questions.”

There’s a sense of empathy in how she addresses her uncle, who stands beside her. She admitted that she is intrigued by Darryl Anka’s channelling of Bashar, an alleged entity that communicates through him, and wanted to learn more about UAPs, disclosure and her great uncle’s abduction experience.

“It takes a lot to be open and honest about what you’ve experienced or felt. I didn’t know this about (Wes), so it was crazy to hear that you had an experience that you sat on for 20-some-odd years,” she said. “You noticed you had a hard time dealing with it, and you were still able to connect with someone who makes you feel like it’s okay, you’re not alone.”

Roberts presented his experience alongside hypnotherapist Lesley Mitchell-Clarke during the symposium, highlighting the benefits of hypnotherapy in healing and resolving the trauma behind being an experience — someone who has allegedly had contact with extraterrestrial entities.

The Symposium was co-organized by Roberts and Mitchell-Clarke, both members of the Canadian Contact Collective. Other members film producer Greg Sommer and Sasquatch investigator Mike Paterson joined them. It was a smaller return to the previous Alien Cosmic Expo (ACE) held before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speakers for the event included Col. Randy Cramer, the spokesperson for the U.S. Marine Corps, channeler Serge Grambois, MUFON Canada Director David Palachik, Paterson, research journalist Victor Viggiani as well as Mitchell Clarke and Roberts.

Unfortunately, a technical error led to Danny Sheehan being unable to attend virtually, but the show continued.

“I’m surprised by the interest in these things, especially the interest in the whole abduction phenomenon, it floors me,” Roberts admitted. Over 30 people attended the event.

Palachik stressed the need for open discussion and awareness about all things related to contact and disclosure and for more events like the symposium.

“These are important to get the word out and get the people off the street to understand what’s going on,” he told The Superstitious Times. “The knowledge belongs to us, the people, so, let’s get the word out there.”

He took over the National Director role in January 2020 and passed it on to Eric Tessier in 2023. He has devoted more of his time to increasing Canadian membership in MUFON, presentations — like the one he gave at the Contact and Disclosure Symposium — as well as forensic research into UAPs.

“There are small pockets because every time we try a new (show), something gets in the way,” he admitted. “COVID got in the way of ACE, and that was 1,500 people a day for three days. I loved doing that one.”

There are hopes for a second annual symposium with more people asking the hard questions.

“I’d love to see more of that,” Roberts admitted. “And I’d love to see opportunities just to sit and chat with people.”

Photo of Emily McCaughey, Wes Roberts, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke and Mike Paterson
Brian Baker/The Superstitious Times

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