Organizers hope Contact and Disclosure Symposium becomes annual event

Four members of the Ontario UFO community came together to uncover why Canada, and Toronto specifically, doesn’t have a UAP-related conference. Their summation was “WTF?”

Hypnotherapist and New York State ex-pat, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, experiencer and Contact TV co-host Wes Roberts, director of Sasquatch Ontario, Mike Paterson and film producer Greg Sommer all combined their efforts to organize the first Contact and Disclosure Symposium on April 20.

“Considering the amount of activity we have here, considering some of our world-class investigators and ufologists and even developers of programming, it is very shocking that we don’t have a big festival of this nature or symposium in every major city in Canada,” Mitchell-Clarke admitted, during an April phone conversation.

On the speaker’s list for the event are Chief Legal Counsel during Watergate and disclosure activist Daniel Sheehan, disclosure journalist Victor Viggiani, public relations officer Col. Randy Crammer, investigator Mike Paterson and MUFON Canada’s National Chief Investigator David B. Palachik.

Viggiani will also interview Sheehan in real time about disclosure and open up the talk to a question-and-answer period for attendees.

Mitchell-Clarke and Roberts will also do a presentation about the journey of the experiencer and how contemporary hypnotherapeutic regression can be used to access suppressed memories.

The Contact TV duo is not new to the conference circuit, as they helped to organize the Alien Cosmic Expo that landed at the Toronto Airport Marriott in September 2019.

“What I’m looking forward to is not only returning to our position on the map as open-minded, truth-seeking, rational people, but that we are probably going to change some lives,” Mitchell-Clarke said. “There will be some people who have not heard this kind of information. We’re simply doing our bit here to be the midwives of disclosure.”

Disclosure is the grassroots initiative that the UFO community has been advocating since the late 1970s. In 1993, ufologist Steven Greer founded the Disclosure Project and in December 2017, the Pentagon released the “Tic Tac” videos from the U.S. Navy ships the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt. Although, Mitchell-Clarke admitted the “Tic Tac” videos have been shared ad nauseam throughout the UFO community.

“What we’re going through is a consciousness-raising event that happens to societies when they can reach a certain level of evolution,” she said. “It’s hard to imagine how any intelligent races are still dealing with us, considering our egregious behaviour on our planet.”

The Contact and Disclosure Symposium takes place on April 20 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Offworld Bar on Queen Street West.

Photo courtesy Midjourney AI

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