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‘Haunted Hospitals’ gets the green light for Season 5

“Haunted Hospitals” has been renewed for a fifth season, and the producers are looking to revamp the episodes with a thematic refresh.

“This season is a little different than past seasons,” series producer Kate Kung said, during an early June phone conversation. “We love stories from people who have spent quite a bit of time in a hospital because, just by being in the environment, they might see something.”

The Sphere Media team is in a research deep dive, preparing for the eight episodes on the docket for Season 5. They’re still focusing on stories from healthcare professionals and those working in institutional settings but will be presenting them through a different lens.

Blue Ant Media was happy with the results of “Haunted Hospitals” Season 4, so they renewed it for another year.

“It’s funny because you never know what’s going to be renewed,” Kung said. “You always do one thinking it’s the last time.”

Social Media has been a useful tool since May, as the casting call has been spread by digital word of mouth through the accounts of paranormal investigators in Canada and the U.S.

As the world emerges from the pandemic, Kung said she is interested in hearing any stories associated with healthcare professionals during COVID.

“We’ll be very curious to see if there are stories that might stem from that,” she said. “It was a very heartbreaking, troubled time. Whenever there’s an intensity of energy, that seems to foster supernatural activity.”

Season 4 of “Haunted Hospitals”

Season 4 was filmed amid the pandemic, and Kung admitted she can’t believe they pulled together the episodes with the stories shared by front-line workers.

“They have way more important work in front of them right now,” she said. “It’s a matter of life and death, what they’re doing, and they’re taking care of people who are seriously ill.

“We thought it might be hard to find people who would have, first off, the time to come forward, but also the right head space.”

But, they had plenty of people, even on double shifts, coming forward to share their stories of inexplicable, and for that, Kung said she and her team were grateful.

“It’s just a wonderful, lovely community of people who participate in these shows,” she added. “They’re interested enough, and they’re fascinated enough about the paranormal to want to come out and share their own experiences.”

Every season has provided the Sphere Media team with surprises, bringing to light that truth is often more intriguing than fiction.

Shooting is expected to begin in the winter with the show airing in March 2024. Those who want to share their stories can email Kung and her team at [email protected].

“People love paranormal stories. People also love stories about hospitals and medical workers,” Kung said. “It’s the perfect union between two interesting subjects.”

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