ETCHINGS: The Wolfman Taketh Social Media

Much to the bemusement of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks staff members, social media lit up with full moon fever when a large wolf-like animal was shot and killed May 16.

The quarry was bagged by a rancher near Denton, Mont, and it still has officials wondering just what it was.

They suspect it’s not a purebred wolf. The teeth were too short, the front paws too small and the claws on the front legs were too long.

As of May 29, the carcass was sent off to the department lab in Bozeman, where samples will be collected and then shipped to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Laboratory in Ashland, Ore.

All the Small Things in Space

Blink-182 frontman, Tom DeLonge, is riffing on something other than his Gibson ES-333 special.

With his band on hiatus, the 42-year-old Californian is now whistle-blowing on classified UFO cases. He started To the Stars Academy of Arts of Science in 2015 and has been writing novels while not breaking Pentagon UFO programs in the media.

His second Sekret Machines book, A Fire Within, is set to launch in September, but he’s not ceasing the UFO work. The Hartford Courant covered the work he’s been doing in the UFO community and he has enlisted the likes of former intelligence officer Luis Elizondo.

Australia, Texas both have big UFO sightings

Video footage of UFOs over both Victoria, Australia and Houston, Tex. have elicited interest from the UFO community.

One video, shot by Ken Behrendt in Houston, shows a black saucer-shaped object moving across the sky. Winds were out of the south at 8 kph, but the video was said to be shot from the north.

The Victoria, Australia video, shot by Junlyn Bitalac and uploaded to Youtube May 31, shows a UFO flying over a military base.

Many in the UFO community have offered up their thoughts, but nothing substantial has been deduced.

Drawing more lines in the sand

Archaeologists have discovered more than 25 geoglyphs in a coastal desert in southern Peru, not far from the famous Nazca lines.

According to a Peruvian archaeologist, Johny Isla, working for the Ministry of Culture, the team made the discovery in the province of Palpa by using drones. Among the new glyphs includes a killer whale and a dancing woman.

However, unlike the Nazca lines, the Palpa lines were etched into hillsides and can be seen from the ground.


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