Etchings: The Girl Next Door

Given the revealing nature of Playboy magazine, one would imagine there aren’t any ghosts kicking around the mansion.

But former Girl Next Door, and Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Bridget Marquardt shared a spooky experience on Australia’s The Morning Show in mid-March.

The 45-year-old recalled when she was sitting in one of the bedrooms, watching TV, she saw a woman standing in the doorway. 

There’s was no negative vibe however.

“I got a very positive vibe and I think that it might have been a former employee of Hef’s just coming to see the new addition to the family,” she said.

The mansion, located in the Holmbly Hills of Los Angeles, was built in 1927. Hefner purchased it in 1974 at the behest of then-partner Barbi Benton.

Given the myriad of parties and energetic activities that are sure to have occurred on the grounds — including a Weezer video — we’re sure there is just a little bit of residual left over.


A former ghost investigator has come under scrutiny by politicians in Alaska balking at the appointeee to a compensation board for crime victims.

John Francis, who was appointed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, was questioned by Sen. Lora Reinbold about his past, which included ghost hunting. 

“If it’s just for fun and all make believe, tell me that. If you’re serious and there’s investigative process and you believe this is real, I want to know that,” Reinbold said. “I really don’t want you to glaze over this because I think this is a real serious concern.”

There were also concerns regarding past criminal activity — burglary and insurance fraud — that were raised during his testimony, via phone.
Reinbold admitted she would not support Francis’ nomination to the board.


Former baseball player Jose Canseco is looking to hit a homerun for the paranormal community.

In a mid-February post on Twitter, the 54-year-old posted a phone number to go on a “Bigfoot and alien Excursion”.

Canseco’s manager and girlfriend Morgan Strelow confirmed the post with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. However, it will be limited to five “lucky” individuals for the price of $5,000.


A large collection of apotropaic marks has been discovered in the Creswell Crags on the Nottinghamshire-Derbyshire border.

The limestone carvings were used as symbols to ward off evil or misfortune were found in the vicinity as the only ice age art discovered in the United Kingdom.

The symbols were originally brushed off as vandalism, according to Creswell Heritage Trust director, Paul Baker.

“We told people it was Victorian graffiti,” he said. “We had no idea. Can you imagine how stupid we felt?”

Protection marks are common in buildings. It’s not uncommon to find them in caves, but not to the level found in Creswell, which is just outside of Sheffield.


Two Air Midwest pilots witnessed two different light objects hover over Gloucester at 8:15 pm on Valentine’s Day.

An audio transmission released in late February had the pilots Refer to the balls as “unidentified airborne nocturnal lights”.

They attempted to intercept the low flyers but the pursuit ended in failure.

Air Midwest said the lights “defied our normal expectation of standard aircraft or meteorological activity”.


Archaeologists excavating a site in Golden, Col. have dated the hunter-gather site to 9,000 years ago.

Lead archaeologist, Mark Mitchell, a director for the Paleocultural Research Group based out of Broomfield, Colo., verified that prehistoric hunter-gathers once lived in the area of the aptly dubbed “Magic Mountain”.

An amusement park of the same name once sat on the property in the 1950s.

After digging down an additional seven feet, the team discovered animal bones — potentially a midden — and stone tool fragments.

Website Inquistr noted initial radiocarbon dating showed the artifacts and their surrounding soil are approximately 9,000 years old.


A pub owner in Littehampton, West Sussex captured the moment a ghost walked through their pub on CCTV.

Ellie Boiling of the Dolphin shared the video of a phantom figure standing behind a customer.

Ghost video from the Dolphin pub

That same customer alerted Boiling and asked her to check the video. 

“I was shocked, I wasn’t expecting to see anything, I thought maybe it was a dog or something – but there it was,” she said. “He was a sceptic and he was shaken. All his beliefs seemed to have gone out of the window.”

The haunting at this particular pub is allegedly so severe that one of the rooms has been closed to guests.

It is reported that one of the resident spirits, outside of the apartifs, is named Dolly. 

“I named this girl Little Dolly because everybody calls my pub The Dolly,” Boiling said.


NBC affiliate, WKYC, picked up a flash of light at 6:24 a.m. over Cleveland on Feb. 21.

WYKC’s cameras captured a quick shock of light over the sky. 

Cleveland UFO sighting, Feb. 21, 2019

MUFON of Ohio representative Thomas Wertman explained the sighting away as a bird.

“I can actually see the wings going up and down and this is not uncommon. I’ve had some other videos submitted over the past that have turned out to be insects when you get a very high-quality resolution, you can even see the wings going up and down as it goes across the screen,” Wertman told WKYC.

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