Etchings: Paranormal community mourns Lorraine Warren’s death

Lorraine Warren, the renowned paranormal investigator who worked in tandem with husband Ed, died on April 19.

Known for her work on such controversial cases as the Amityville Horror, the Enfield Poltergeist and A Haunting in Connecticut, the 92-year-old passed away peacefully in her sleep at home.

A polarizing figure amongst the science community, Warren claimed she was a clairvoyant and light trance medium — she was able to see people’s auras.

Some of their more famous cases, such as the Perrons, the Snedekers and Smurls have been adapted into supernatural horror films. The most recent being the Conjuring 2, which focused

In a previous interview with the Superstitious Times, Tony Spera, her son-in-law, said she kept her talents hidden while at an all-girls school.

Actress Vera Farmiga, who plays Warren in the Conjuring franchise, expressed her deepest sympathies.

The Conjuring actress Vera Farmiga

Many from the paranormal community took to social media to pay their respects:

Michelle Desrochers of Canada’s Most Haunted
Jeff Belanger of Ghost Adventures
Katrina Weidman of Portals to Hell
Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown

Ed Warren, 79, died in 2006. They are survived by their daughter Judy Warren.

White Orbs debunked in Eloise video

A video of “light anomalies” shot by an investigation crew at the Eloise Psychiatric Hospital in Westland, Mich. has been debunked.

Detroit Paranormal Expeditions co-founder Jeff Adkins said the orbs were a result of flashlight reflections in a monitor.

Detroit Free Press’ video on the Eloise Asylum

Adkins and his team investigated the facility to get a better insight into the evolution of mental health and the treatment of patients.

“The spirit world is a lot more vast than a lot of people acknowledge,” Adkins wrote in an email to the Detroit Free Press. “I don’t think only prisons, only hospitals and places like that hold spirit energy. I think you can find it often in everyday buildings.”

Two UFOs spotted in satellite video of the moon

Conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring shared a provocative video he obtained from a witness in Edirne, Turkey, who happened to be observing the moon through a telescope.

The video shows two diamond-shaped UFOs flying side-by-side over the lunar landscape.

Scott Waring’s video on his Youtube channel

“If these were meteors, they would be leaving a trail of debris behind them and there is no way they would be perfect diamonds flying side by side,” Waring said.

Others were not so sure. The brief video segment was called into question for its brevity. One YouTube commenter, Michael Kozak, said it could be the Lunar Orbiter.

A victory for the Witching Hour

Argos Paranormal, the producers behind the show, “The Witching Hour” earned Best Non-Fiction Series at the 10th Annual Indie Series Awards in Burbank, Calif. in early April.

Ryan Martinez, the show’s producer, said the award is a victory for him and his fellow investigators in the paranormal community.

Argos Paranormal

Produced by Martinez, and featuring his brother Remso, the duo investigates off-the-map haunts in Virginia, including the Graffiti House of Brandy Station, Belle Grove Plantation, the Occoquan Inn, and the Fleetwood Church.

Lady in White Snapped

The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society had its own Brown Lady of Raynham Hall photo.

The popular Lemp Mansion, located in the Benton Park neighbourhood of Missouri largest metropolitan area, was hosting a ghost tour when an intrepid photographer caught the “Lady in White”.

The former residence of the Lemps, who were local brewers, was the site where four suicides occurred.

Unfortunately, as quickly as the social media storm began when the group posted the photo on Facebook on March 27, it was kiboshed by a murder mystery actor.

Suzanne Bettonville commented on the Facebook post, “This ‘apparition’ caught in a photograph at the Lemp Mansion is a colleague of mine from Jest Murder Mysteries.”

It is alleged that the post was taken down, or blocked, by another poster Lynn Marie, who reposted the message.

“I’ve researched the Lemp family extensively and will not stop here to make it known that this picture is being promoted as fraudulently paranormal,” she wrote.

Talk about St. Louis making arch enemies.

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