Etchings: Is there life on Mars?

UFO hunter Scott Waring is convinced newly discovered photos, taken by NASA’s Spirit Mars rover are evidence of extraterrestrials living on the Red Planet.

One rocky outcrop appears to like a being, Waring alleges.

If the objects were just a one-off, Warring implies that he’d be accepting of NASA’s findings, however, “I know you’ve heard about figures on Mars – I’ve reported probably over 20 different figures on Mars and they always say it’s a coincidence.”

“But if it’s a coincidence, why are we finding so many?” he adds.

A portion of Waring’s YouTube audience seems to agree with his assessment of the landscape, however, another large portion pointed out that it’s just rocks.

Much like staring at the pattern on a tile while dropping a deuce in the bathroom, pareidolia could be the simple explanation to Waring’s theories.


Being incarcerated while living on the corporeal realm is one thing, but being stuck in the same slammer in the afterlife can be a real drag.

Gemma Surman was one individual of the corporeal world who was able to capture the image of an alleged ghost while visiting the Gloucester Docks in late September.

While on tour at the Gloucester Prison, a 224-year-old heritage building, the 42-year-old took a shot of the image in the hopes of capturing something uncanny.

Surman grabbed it after hearing a door slammed shut while she was walking with her parents on the grounds.

She clicked away at her camera and caught an image of the jail cell where the sound originated from. Allegedly, it shows the figure of a spectre known to cause such calamity.

The Superstitious Times can’t see much but a blurry dent on the side of the wall. Then again, we’ll never know as the prison has since been shuttered for inevitable march of progress: 200 flats.


A 25-year-old man will have some holes to patch in his Tolland, Conn. home after shooting at what he suspects was a ghost.

Christian Devaux was due in court Sept. 11 on charges of illegal discharge of a firearm, making false statements to a police officer, second-degree reckless endangerment, misusing an emergency call and disorderly conduct.

He originally reported the July 26 altercation as an attempted break-in. However, he later told police that he is a paranormal investigator and believed it to be a ghost.

This is not the first time Devaux has gone off, half-cocked. He had a similar instance in 2011.


Robbie Williams, known for the stripping off his flesh in the music video, “Rock DJ”, is now adding UFO investigator to his CV.

The 44-year-old pop star, who is a former group member of Take That, danced with the devil in Uintah Valley, Utah all for a new documentary, Hunt the Skinwalker, on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.

Williams admitted his interest in UFOs was piqued 10 years ago. He even shared his own experiences with the supernatural via a camera interview with documentarian Jeremy Corbell.

“I’ve experienced phenomena I can’t explain. I’ve seen one right above me. I could have hit it with a tennis ball. No substance was involved.”

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