Etchings: In Search Of … Returns

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto is following in his predecessor’s footsteps with the reboot of In Search Of, which premiered July 20.

Quinto will host the third iteration of the show, which has been hosted by, Rod Serling, Leonard Nimoy and Mitch Pileggi in the past. The bulk of the series ran from 1977 to 1982 and covered topics like the Bimini Wall, Bishop James Pike, the Amityville Horror and the Walls of Jericho.

There was a certain level of science to the show and a seriousness that Nimoy brought to the narration.

We’ll see if that plays out with Quinto’s version.

UFOs light up the sky over China

Residents of Chongqing in the interior of China witnessed something more than lanterns in the night sky on July 18.

The country’s social media site, Weibo, lit up with commentary about the eerie display of lights.

Some were skeptical of what the lights could be, while others shared their “repent for the end is nigh” theories.

Nigal Watson, a leading British ufologist explained that the lights could be “of a rocket zooming into the atmosphere”.

A whale of a tale from Plymouth

Speaking of Britain, well, Plymouth experienced its own little light show on July 21 were actually fireworks attached the backend of two aircraft.

A father and son team, from Airborne Pyrotechnics, admitted they’ve been mistaken for UFOs before.

“One time I even sat in the plane with an alien mask on and took a photo for everyone!” the father, Tim Dews, told Plymouth live.

(Warning: There are more swear words than the film Snatch)


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