Blue Ant Media adds new titles to HauntTV streaming service

Blue Ant Media and the Roku Channel have conjured up a very chilling collaboration.

HauntTV was launched in December 2020 to provide fans access to Blue Ant’s library of ghostly and cryptozoological programming.

And it does not disappoint for fans of Fortean phenomena.

Eight shows were on the original broadcast schedule, with episodes aired on the hour and half hour. These included Kay Nambiar’s “Ghost Chasers”, “Ghostly Encounters”, “World’s Scariest Hauntings”, “Haunted Case Files”, “Paranormal Survivor”, “Strange Evidence”, “Boogeymen” and “National Parks: Secrets & Legends”.

Additional titles — “Haunted Hospitals”, “Evil Encounters”, “Scariest Night of My Life”, “Terror in the Woods” and “Paranormal 911” — were added March 3.

Haunted Hospitals was added to HauntTV’s live stream, through Roku, in early March.

Some titles to catch are resident skeptic Kay Nambiar’s “Ghost Chasers” as he tours some of Europe’s more notorious haunts with his team.; “Boogeymen”, which covers the folkloric tales of bizarre cryptids from around the world, including Canadian creepers, Ogopogo and Bigfoot, and finally “National Parks: Secrets & Legends” which details occult murders and UFOs on government-owned territories.

The launch us Blue Ant Media’s first foray into FAST channels territory, according to President of Global Channels and Media, Jamie Schouela.

“By launching HauntTV as a free live streaming offering on the Roku Channel in Canada, we are unlocking hundreds of hours of binge-worthy ghost stories from our catalogue and bringing them to a new audience,” Schouela said, in a December press release.

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