Angel Morgan’s Beyond the Veil brings comfort to those seeking solace

“You’re vibrationally challenged.”

Quick with wit, clairvoyant Angel Morgan cheekily deduced that of one of her Beyond the Veil guests at Toronto’s Factory Theatre on Friday, October 13.

Morgan was using her abilities to call on guides to bring messages to guests from their loved ones.

“What vibrationally challenged meant was that they were not quite in the vibe that they needed to be,” she admitted, a day after the event. “They were having a hard time raising themselves up to the vibe they needed to be in.”

The guest Morgan spoke to was not vibrating at the level she needed to meet in order to feel comfortable about herself. It was something Morgan connected with because as a teenager, she would often sit alone in her room crying to herself.

“When I got older, I started to realize, ‘Wait a second, it’s not them it’s me’,” she said. “I just needed a certain kind of vibe in my life. I needed certain people in my life.”

Having psychic experiences was not something discussed with her Maltese family while growing up. Her experience seeing her deceased aunt before her mother disclosed the information.

“(My mom) goes, ‘Auntie Mary is dead’.  And I said, I know. And she goes, ‘How do you know?’,” Morgan recalled. “I said, ‘I just saw her’. She goes, ‘You didn’t see anything. You didn’t hear anything. You don’t know anything’. She turned around and to this day we haven’t talked about it.”

But that hasn’t stopped Morgan from exploring her gift. She moved from guest to guest during the first hour of her show, oftentimes resonating with those she called upon. After intermission, audience members approached the microphone and presented an example of superstition in exchange for a quick reading.

“I’ve been in theatre since I was 14 … The stage has always been a part of who I am,” she admitted, while seated in St. Clement’s-Yonge Parkette. “I retired after 20 years and I was pretty lost, so I found this after someone came to me from the Georgina Historical Society.”

Then Raising Energy was born, as well as more opportunities, including Barb DeGiullio’s in-house psychic on the radio show The Nightside. Most recently, she joined the Canadian Paranormal Investigations two years ago.

“That’s been so much fun and opened my eyes to such a new way of doing the work,” Morgan said, adding when one of the guests walked up to the mike the night before, she knew she had to say she’d want her to join her paranormal investigation

“She already knew,” Morgan said, with a grin.

As for the evening, it was filled with the honouring of ancestors, with an ancestor table set on stage, as well as a land acknowledgement that included a spirited drum performance by Ora Goldin.

“She’s always vibrant and energetic, even at midnight,” Morgan said of Goldin. There’s no tiredness in her voice, as she admitted that she doesn’t get drained.

Even after seeing the name Ruby while reading another guest from the audience. Ruby was the name of the guest’s dog.

“Little tiny moments like that constantly remind me that another world exists,” she said. “One of the teachings I always give is, I’m a computer and you’re a computer. We’re biocomputers. I download all my information. You download all your information. The only difference is, I can read it.”

Her book, My Psychic Companion: Love Your Intuitive You, is available through Amazon. Her next show, A Night To Remember, is on November 15 at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre.

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