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A never-ending rabbit hole

Hello everyone and happy December!

I am going to start off from the beginning by talking about the influential case that sent me down this rabbit hole I am in today.

It was Nov. 24, 2015, I had been a private investigator for three years at this point. I have always had an interest in the paranormal, but knew very little about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

I became a member of the Mutual UFO Network Canadian Division (MUFON Canada) just the day before. This was my first case and MUFON’s first impression.

With my field investigator exam under my belt, I was assigned Case 72718 for training. It was originally intended to be closed quickly since it referred to an event near Arthur, Ont. from June 12, 2004.

The witness reported a wall of light stopping him. He looked into the night sky and saw what he believed to be a UFO, approximately 30 feet across, just above the treetops. The alleged craft had what was described as a bent bar of light behind it with another three rectangular bars of light adjacent to it. The object, described as being a disc in shape with a dome on top, was observed stopping and going before turning on to what appeared to be its side. The witness then saw multiple orbs floating about the night sky.

After several attempts at connecting with the witness, we finally reached them Dec. 3, 2015. The call was just over 36 minutes and in length, and I saved it as evidence under FILE #1 in MUFON’s content management system (CMS). The call led me to believe the witness did, in fact, see something beyond the bounds of possibility on that fateful night in June 2014, especially given his close encounter.

Why? The witness wasn’t expecting my call. He was quite skeptical until he was aware that I had an interest in his previous UFO report. Excited, he repeated, almost word-for-word what he reported in his original claim.

He referenced points in his story without altering any information. Although he accepted the possibility of a military craft explanation, he remained convinced that he saw a full-bodied grey alien in front of him. The witness had experienced a loss of time and suggested, under his own free will, that he undergo regression hypnosis. Later, I learned that there was a secondary witness that demanded anonymity and refused to comment.

The next day, I searched for the location of the sighting. The witness had only been there twice and didn’t recall the name. After speaking with the receptionist for the township of Wellington, I learned there were no military bases nearby, but she suggested the location mentioned by the witness may have been Mount Forest.

Conestoga Family Campground, Arthur, Ont.

I called the witness and learned that Mount Forest was not familiar to him, but he then remembered that he stayed at a trailer park near Arthur. After a few minutes of research, I found the Conestoga Family Campgrounds, located north of Arthur in the small town of Moorefield, Ont.

A few days later, I connected with Phil Barrett, the owner of the camp. During our 20-minute conversation, I learned that Barrett owned the property for 29 years and didn’t recall knowing or meeting the original witness. Barrett then candidly admitted that he had his own unidentified encounters at his family camp, dating as far back as 1988. He claimed to have seen three stationary lights that remained in the sky for half an hour during the winter season. In 2013, Barrett’s wife claimed to have seen what she described as a “bouncing ball of light” during a fireworks display over the campground’s private lake, Rotten Ralph. Furthermore, in 2015, Barrett observed a “huge white light” that resembled the likeness of a top hat viewed approximately 300 feet above the tree line. This would become FILE #2.

The sighting location was in the most remote area of the camp.

While conducting further research on Arthur and its surrounding areas, I quickly discovered MUFON Case 59229. The detailed report of this 1975 sighting mentioned multiple bright orbs, seemingly under intelligent control, moving above the tree lines. They were described as being bright and having a “bouncing” behavior. This description was similar to Barrett’s wife’s report. In addition, the description of multiple orbs matches the pending claim of the original witness. Unfortunately, this case was closed as “information only” due to the omission of contact information, leaving no way of addressing the witnesses. At this time, all that is known is his name is William and he is approximately 61 years old and the second witness was William’s mother, who has since passed away at age 91 in 2013.

The hand-drawn image depicting what the witness remembers.

Following up on the witness’s interest in regression therapy, I connected with Lesley Mitchell Clarke, a licensed hypnotist from Lightwork Hypnosis in the Greater Toronto Area, who was referred to me by Assistant National Director Stu Bundy. On Dec. 14, 2015, Clarke spoke with the witness over the phone to determine his susceptibility to the therapy. She believed the original witness was credible and considered favourable for regression therapy. The set goal was to attempt to uncover what actually happened during the alleged loss of time. Although the witness was on a fixed income plan, he agreed to pay and travel for this session with Clarke, as he truly believed he saw something he could not explain.

Nearly a month later, I met with Clarke and the witness at her hypnosis office in Toronto. Prior to the regression session, I received a hand-drawn image as I videotaped the witness’s sighting claim. I found no immediate signs of deception or fabrication. The interview, as well as the image, were uploaded for evidence as FILE #6 and FILE #7.

Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the witness was unable to fall under regression hypnosis. Clarke explained that the witness had high levels of anxiety preventing her from reaching deep into his consciousness. Then, again a couple of months later, Clarke met with the witness once again, only this time at his home with the intent to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, she was again unable to hypnotize the witness.

After the attempts at regression, the witness shared a recent UFO dramatization video with me. He mentioned that at the 4:14 mark, the video showed a design similar to the one he had drawn, etched in a field of crops. This representation was uploaded for evidence as FILE #7.

After discovering a few more sighting reports in Wellington County, I reached out to local paranormal investigators with an interest in “orb” sightings. After speaking with a variety of them, this lead was, unfortunately, a dead end. I continued investigating and contacted a member of the Arthur Airfield. The member claimed to have been a local pilot for over 50 years and did not recall seeing anything strange or abnormal in the sky. Lastly, I contacted Barrett for the first time and after a detailed discussion of the previously mentioned research, Barrett invited the witness and me to his camp for further investigation.

In June 2016, a team from the paranormal investigation group, Black Light Uncharted, and I travelled to the Conestoga Family Campgrounds to meet with Barrett and the original witness. It was clear that Barrett and the witness did not know each other prior to this meeting. After much discussion, it was determined that both of their sighting events occurred in the exact same location.

Our combined efforts led to a discovery that both witnesses’ sightings occurred in the exact same location.

A 22-minute documentary was created from this investigation in an attempt to prove a bridge between paranormal and UFO/alien activity. With our combined efforts, we learned that not only were there multiple UFO sightings, but also multiple accounts of voices, and shadowy apparitions traveling across the lake and throughout the park.

This case has since been closed and deemed unknown with a Ballister-Gausp Evaluation (the measurement for certainty) of 50.00.

Today is Dec. 2 and since this first case, I have closed 498 MUFON Canada investigations, in just under three years. Six of these cases are just like this first one, and I plan to share them with you in detail in the future.

January’s article will be about my theories on shadow figures, inter-dimensional beings, sleep paralysis, and alien abductions. I believe them to be connected, if not the same.

Until then, catch me live here on Facebook every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET where I share with you pictures and video from witnesses all over Canada, within the last seven days.

Thanks for looking up. Keep your eyes in the sky and heed the world.

Ryan Stacey
UFO/Paranormal Researcher
Assistant Chief Investigator of MUFON Canada,

Provincial Director of Ontario
Director of Canadian Field Investigator Training 

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